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Born on the Southside of Chicago and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, 3letterzNuk is a singer / song-writer / rapper / that is quickly on his way up in the music industry. He proclaims that his favorite part of his artistry is writing, producing, and performing his music, using harmonies and melodies to paint pictures with his words.

Growing up, 3letterzNuk was heavily influenced by classic R&B and soul. Artists such as The Jacksons, Jaheim, Anthony Hamilton, Neyo, Kem and Brian McKnight, would later become monumental in his career.

3letterzNuk has always had a natural talent, but perfected it with self-taught hours, days, weeks, and years creating his art with syllables, octaves, metaphors, beats, and utilizing samples. He eventually became comfortable with his talents and knew he could express his message through music.

In 2015, 3letterzNuk signed his first record deal w MEGA Pop Star FloRida’s IMG imprint, and embarked on FloRida’s world-wide tour, as his opening act.

In 2017, 3letterzNuk signed his second record deal with ZENtertainment/Sony music, where he worked with artists such as Aaron Carter. 3letterzNuk was featured on Aaron’s comeback single “Fool’s Gold” which has had huge success, surpassing 7 million streams worldwide.

In late 2018, 3letterzNuk released his first single “I Wonder” (ft. Marco Foster). It is experiencing great success at over 600,000 streams and is growing every day.

He can be found on SoundCloud, Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, iTunes, Tidal, Instagram, and Twitter under 3letterzNuk.  For booking information, please email [email protected]